Sunday, July 27, 2008

27 of july

i wanna make this blog alive!!! long time didnt post anything.. last night went for to a dinner . my cousin's baby > xin yue's b'day . actually her b'day is on today . and then my brother's b'day on tomorrow! hahas . Time goes so fast.. hm.. should be damn fast .. tomorrow will be monday.. soon .. will be next sunday.. it goes so fast.. everyday doing the same thing.. go school > go school > go school.. my school prefect are so funny and stupid..thursday one of the prefect said my hair long, caught me . friday, same prefect do checking . never catch me. anyone can tell me why ? the answer is.. my school prefect do everything also depends on their mood,nowadays everynight also lightning,make me can't online ! ROAR! last night worst.. suddenly 'BOOM' when i press the button to on my comp, OMG! luckily nothing happen to my comp.. well well..this blog for me and my dar de daily life . soon or later i'll make another blog to post some funny video :) thats all for today .
my dar. i love you :D

Sunday, July 6, 2008

1 Year 6 Month 3 Days anniversary ! lols . I LOVE YOU MY DAR! sorry about last night :) Tomorrow school again . ROAR! sian... i cooked dinner today! ^^Fried RiCE!
My dar u want to eat ?:P hahas. mwarks !


Friday, July 4, 2008

1 Year 6 Month 1 Day

Since 030107 till now , we being togather 1 year 6 month 1 day le .. i'm happy for the times that i being with you , my dar .. Sweet , sour ..all kind of flavour appear in this relationship =) i promise you that it will be never ending =) MWARKS .
Another monthly test coming very soon..times goes so fast... everything change.. but my love to you will never change no matter what... :) i love you my darl.. Miss You So MUCH!

Monday, June 30, 2008

wow! time fly so fast :D

Today morning go pass up my time sheet =D after end of august i wont continue the contract le =D hehes wanted to find a new job =D
today late afternoon meet up wif sher! =D watch movie! =D we bought our movie ticket and when to arcade after that =D saw a aunty play is like OMG! she spent abt 2000+ lar... ><
she got ard 20 jackpot! so rich =D hahas... =D
The movie title : 10 Promises To My Dog!
this movie.. not bad lar... but quite sad... alot of ppl cry.. =(

Sunday, June 29, 2008

finally free to post.

1month never post anything...i'm waiting for someone reply me!! i have wait 53mins. I called over 10times!! lols. bored. later need to go tuition again... 10-11.30 . monthly test coming soon.. just finish one exam.. monthly test come again..when u want to reply me!! ROAR!!
love lele

Monday, May 26, 2008


hmm... today... late for lesson... again...
me and jelly never wear full skool U.. tio caught...
sian... boring sia..
then 11am finish skool le! =D so went to co-op do duty wif jelly =D
then me and jelly was keep laughing... don noe why =x
sot liao =D
but then it was fun =D
then after that i went home... then go out again =D wahahas
bought a short.. but than not happy! cox cannot shop too much.. =D
sad.. but then i sure wan go enjoy myself after exam... don noe this exam impt ma...
but then must do my best =D
guai hor? wanted to study.. but lazy.. cox now GSS! *GREAT SINGAPORE SALES!* =D
so happy! =D don noe happy or sad... =/
so happy! mummy came bak today =D

Thursday, May 22, 2008

WOW! finally =D

Woah.. today in skool help Lfie and fizah cut hair =x
damn nervous lor.. =x cox i have been since a long time i help ppl cut hair =x
whahahas =x finally i touch it... =x so happy =x but then alot of ppl saw.. =x
lols.. is a wonderful day...
last few days so angry.. cox that bitch kpo so much... anyway.. cant wait for the class outing on 4th june! =D hope it would be fun =D